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Adding Services: Can I add a service to a pre-existing project?

All services aside from the packages, can be purchased at anytime and we add on to your project.

For example if you purchased a website and then realize you would like new logo. It is as easy as going back to the website and just purchasing the logo. Your new service purchase will simply be added to your project and your customer account representative will be in contact with you to discuss the details of your new service purchase.

Adding Services: I want to purchase one of the website packages, but I require some additional customization.

If you have additional requirements that is needed outside our packages available for online purchase, please call or contact us for a custom quote.

Custom Development: Why isn’t custom website development cost not purchasable online?

Custom website development is varies in cost depending on the project. We cannot list the cost as the requirements of this type of development is depended on the clients needs and requirements.

Client Service: Once I become a client, who will I be in contact with?

All clients are provided with a client account manager, for a single point of contact. This allows for less confusion and more effective results.

Completion: How long does it take for the work to be complete?

The time it takes to complete a project depends on the service you require. Most of our project time allocation are located on each of the services listed in the Get Prices section of the site. We pride ourselves in delivering most services between 4 days to a month. The more services required by you will of course increase the timeline.

While our team works very effectively, we can only deliver on our end, if you if can deliver on yours. Meaning that delays will ultimately result if email responses are delayed, approvals, and any requirements such as content, images or other elements that will be on the site has not been delivered to us by your team.

Fees: Are there any hidden fees?

No, once your project is complete you have full rights to your website, logos, video and any other none-recurring service you purchase.

Services that are recurring are clearly marked as such which may include, monthly web managed services, online marketing, SEO and SEM service packages.

Logo Design: Will my logo be scalable to use on any print work?


All logos are delivered in both web ready and vector format which is scalable and crisp on a small business card to large printed banners and billboards.

Payment Plan: Can I make payments?


All services available for purchase must be paid through the website, however any additional work or split payment request for items over $500, is available. Call or Contact us for additional questions.

Quality Work: How do I know the quality of work is good?

We take pride in the work that we deliver to insure that the team members we hire have adequate experience and skill to allow our designs and development to be of the highest quality at all times.

You are provided with a single point of contact to help manage your project from beginning to end. While you have a whole team of designers, project manger, SEO and development teams working on your project, one person will be able to effectively collaborate your team and ours, to provide best quality service and results.

Support: Is support included?


All websites come with a 30 day *warranty, which can include support, training and minor updates. After the 30 days, you can purchase an on going management maintenance package where we can manage your website for you with updates, page additions, or any other web maintenance** that you require.

* This 30 day warranty, ranges between 1/2 hour a week to 2 hours a week for 30 days, depending on the web package you selected.

** Managed Maintenance is based the total days occurring within the specified month. There are no contracts, you pay in advance on the 1st of every month, set up on a recurring payment that you can end at any time. Managed times can range from 1/2 week to 2 hours a week. Work to be completed will range on the requested work. Additional time can also be purchase, contact us directly for prices above 2 hours a week.

Training: Will training be provided on how to use my website?


All websites have a 30 day* warranty, which includes any training, support or minor updates to the site.

* This 30 days range on the service and packages purchase from 1/2 hour a week to 2 hours a week for 30 days.

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