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Target Marketing

Understanding your target market effective allows us to create a marketing plan to catered capture the attention of your clientele. Custom graphics and banner add with key word rich content help to drive the campaign.

Online Video Production

Attract more visitors with video. We can create video for use on YouTube and on your website. Tell people who you are, and provide compelling video about your product or service.

Managed Marketing

From small to large companies, the need for marketing is important in driving interest to your business. With our managed marketing plan, we help you take the guess work out from having to manage it yourself or have to have hire internally.

Social Media Marketing

Utilize the power of social media!

Everyone has heard of social media, but only a few know how to capitalize on them.

Our process to optimize your Social Media opportunities include:

  1. Evaluate your target market
  2. Create a strategic Social Media Plan
  3. Initiate Social Media accounts
  4. Execute, monitize and monitor all of your Social Media outlets

Social Media Marketing

Create traffic, grow customers, gain revenue!

Each of our Internet marketers possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to increase your ROI by maximizing your overall Cost Per Click (CPC) budget and ad spend by optimizing your AdWords and adCenter campaigns so you receive the most relevant and quality clicks possible.

  1. Research your target market
  2. Develop campaigns and schedules
  3. Setup Google Adwords and Campaigns
  4. Create Ads and Banner Ads
  5. Execute and monitor all of your adwords
  6. Analyze results and adjust campaigns and ads

Email Marketing

Effective Lead Generation

At Hootland, a successful email marketing campaign results in customer retention and sales conversion. We understand what it takes to run an effective email marketing campaign, what causes recipients to click through and what makes them unsubscribe.

Hootland can assist you with your email campaign through:

  • E-mail message design
  • Custom graphic design
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Campaign schedule management

Article writing and postings

While having blogs and internal forums and articles are good for on-page SEO, external blogs and postings on third parties is what is referred to as off-page SEO and helps to increase your visibility online. Key placements links and call to actions on third party postings increase your external linking from reputable and high ranking websites.

What we do

  • Content writings
  • Submissions and setup
  • Schedules postings
  • Link building from 3rd party postings
  • Custom graphics and image manipulations
  • Monitoring and management of all articles and results

Video Production

Video Production is a great way to attract more attention and get you message out quickly. You Tube video is a great tool for Internet marketing, and getting messages out about your product, service or general information about your company.

Our Process

  • Understand the purpose of the video
  • Determine  type of video (animation only, video recording, or combo)
  • Create a story board
  • Create scripting
  • Video Shoot (if video recording is required)
  • Obtain graphics, images and video
  • Video editing and production
  • Output for both HD You Tube and DVD

What type of internet marketing or services to you need? Let us know and get your custom quote.