Is your website killing your online marketing?

  • Dated Design

    Ever gone into a store, restaurant or hotel where you just knew they had not updated the design since the time of horse and buggy? Where the walls are cracking, the floor boards are coming up, and their is a undeniable stench that just says “OLD”. Now granted there is a time an place for a more “retro” or “antique” feel, but with websites not so much.

    Unlike physical buildings that can “on occasion” stand the test of time, websites cannot. They are ever changing and need to continually conform to today’s style, needs and technology to fully capitalize on its potential. What was new last year can be old this year. While a full redesign is not necessarily needed every year, a continued updating of the site is. If you say that the website is “good enough”, then you may very well have a website that has fallen behind the times. Typically we recommend a redesign every 2 – 3 years.

  • Clear Message

    If a NEW visitor comes to your site, can they determine what your companies does in 8 seconds? If not, you may have just lost another customer.

    Maybe you have a banner that is visibly seen, but does your banner have the right image and message to tell your story quickly. A 4 to 9 words headline with a supporting image is good way to capture the users attention long enough for them to have the desire to read further.

  • Call to Action

    What is a call to action? It is something on the page that entices a user to take action now. It might be a featured product for sale, a promotion, compelling message, or video that gets your users reach a goal set by your company.

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