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There is more to websites than what meets the eye

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Website design is more complicated than what meets the eye. These days it is not just about design that can make a website successful for business.

Things you need to know about websites:

Types of Website and knowing which one is best for you:

There are a few major types of websites available online, and some more interactive than others.

Informational (static) Websites
e-commerce or online stores
Software as a Service (SAAS)
Social Media
Search Engines or Portals
Informational Websites

Informational websites are sites that promotes a business but has not shopping or online service functionality. These sites are commonly used for businesses that need to drive interest to their physical facility, ones that provide a product or service that is not typically purchase via the internet.

e-Commerce or Online Stores

Electronic or e-commerce websites allow companies to sell their product or service online. These types of sites have a payment gateway set up to allow credit card purchased on their websites.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

Software as a service are websites that provide a service right from the website. Unlike informational and e-commerce the interaction of a SAAS website is more interactive, providing an on-going need for the service. Examples of SAAS websites can be those like online reporting, online project management, online accounting.

Social Media

Social Media a websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus allow users to share information with their social friend online. There are an increasing growing number of social media sites that allow users to share all types of information about themselves, work history and liked websites. These site like the SAAS sites are used more often by visitors that the traditional informational websites due to its ability to connect and interact with community members real time.

Search Engines or Portals

Search engine websites are site like Google, Yahoo and Bing, naming the most recognized and largest of the search engines. These site are just a few in the large number of search engines online that allow users to find business, products or services locally or nationwide. While most of these websites have similar functionality of narrowing a search, many have a large variety of different services from blog posting, paid advertising, reporting and much more.

Understanding Website:

While there are some obvious items about websites that most people acknowledge as being important like design, there are many other important elements that many do not think about. The lack of them can be the weighing factor or the success or failure of a website.

User Experience
User Interface
Effective Messaging
How your users interact with your website and how effective are you in getting them to your intended goal. Ever get to a website where you just did not know what the site about, or you just did not know where to go to find what you where looking for? Providing a smooth user experience, allow you as business get your product or service direct to your customers with them having to search for it.

Going beyond design, user interface provides a pleasant appearance but provides a clear none confusing path. Color play a role in attracting call to action buttons, banners or sections. How images are placed and what the image are about play a integral part to the interface.

This can be more trickier than one would think. The correct message needs to be conveyed and in the right places, without adding more confusion to the user. Where the messaging is located, font style and banner messaging will aid in getting the user the information that they are seeking. Content and messaging also play an important role for search results in search engines and providing relevant information for keyword search.

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