“Like the Field of Dreams … If you build it, they will come”

…umm well “Sort of”

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Occasionally we get companies or individuals who might have a similar thinking as the quote above, with a belief that all that has to be done is to have a website, and through the miracle of the internet a line of customers will come… then the reality hits.

Here are some Website FAQ’s:

Time: Getting seen on Google immediately at the launch of a website.

It can take Google a few days or weeks to index (or store) the pages new website. These days is usually ranges between 3 – 5 days. So if your site just launched or in launched with a typo or misaligned image and feel “Oh no… The World is going to see my website and it is ALL WRONG!”

No need to panic, no one but you and the developers who launched the website is going to know that your site is up. There is time to fix any issues or changes without Google or search engines indexing the page.

Reality: Kicking the “If you build it, they will come” mentality

To some degree there is some truth to the statement, BUT much like everything to achieve any level of success, work is involved. Online presence plays an important part in your business and website to be seen online. Today it is not just about a website, it is about where and how people can find you.

There are a number of ways to get the word out, such as social media, blogging, articles, forum postings and search engine submission. The great thing is that the more you are involved on the internet passing the word and link building to your website the better your rankings will be. The bad thing is that it is time consuming to build and it is not typically an instant gratification. Submission to search engines can take days for the approval to go through and several hours a day dedicated to just go through the process of listing.

Upgrade: Know when it is time to upgrade

Websites, trending technologies, and design styles are always upgrading and as a business, whether you are a small retail shop or a large corporation, staying up with the times online can make a huge difference in your success.

Why is it important?

As technology advances, so do new ways users browse the internet, devices like the smart phone, ipad and tablets, are becoming increasingly more popular. To stay with the times, websites need to be able to conform to the multiple devices used. Allow customers to easily find information on your website and about your business, services or products. If they are at home using the computer of at a competitors shop looking to a product on their phone and you happen to have it, you want them to get to you and remember you when they require your product or service again.

Start Writing: No one knows your business better than you

Many search engines, like Google, has a “job” and that job is to provide to it’s users the most relevant information for their search. So as much as you would like to well known to your city, state, country or world, if there is not enough information on your website about your company and service, it will be very hard to convince the search engines spiders that you can provide the information that their users are looking for.

Be the ExpertYou know what your service is, and you know how important what you provide can do for your customers. So share your knowledge, by doing so you will be able to show that you are an expert to not only your clients but also increase your search results. Add keyword rich content and image tags to all your images on the site.

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