Website Evaluation

Our website evaluations are in-depth to provide you with a inside look at your website, from interface, page load to usability and traffic. Evaluations can take from 1 day on our LITE package to 3 days on our PRO version. You will be receiving professional evaluation and complete website audit so that you can take this information and adjust your website accordingly.

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User Interface (UI)
Color Usage

Images Analysis

Font Styles

Video Evaluation (if applicable)

Keyword Use & Density

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Suited Keyword List

up to 25

up to 100

up to 200

Title Tags

Canonical URL

Per Page Keyword Density

Content analysis

Competitive analysis

Traffic source analysis

Link analysis

Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP)

National Ranking

Keyword Ranking

User Experience
Ease of Use

Layout Assestment

Call to Action Effectiveness

Branding Evaluation

Content Analysis

Web Status
Page Load

Online Presence

Conversion Rate Analysis*

Competitors Analysis

Competitors Keyword Analysis




All data is sent to your email address in PDF format, page numbers may range from 10 to 30 pages depending on the package you selected. We may be contacting you to obtain your preferred keywords that you feel you should be ranking with.

* Conversion rate analysis will require access to your current Google Analytics Data